Twenty-Second Residence 1967-68
1100 East Street,
Leesville, LA
aka Diseaseville
Department of the Army Headquarters,
USATC - US Army Training Center,
TigerLand AIT (Advanced Infantry Training)

NCO Academy
Fort Polk, Louisiana

Ft. Polk was a basic training facility as well as an advanced infantry training center ("Tiger Land") designed specifically for Viet Nam.

SAR - Search And Rescue.
CAD - Cordon And Destroy...
Village Cordon / Villager Cordon
Cordon the village and rope off an inner circle with rope.  in the early morning 1 - 3am - setting up a ring of troops, or cordon, around a village to stop all entry and exit - effectively  prevent any escape.  Shoot / kill or take prisoners all villagers exiting structures, within the troop circle.  Place the dead, wounded prisoner escapes withing the inner circle.  Assume they are attempting to escape.    Quickly flushing out villagers, exactly as they are, clothed or unclothed, into a ring of rope to prevent disturbing hooch evidence.  Cordoning the villagers usually occurred during the daylight hours,  The village was searched for any enemy and evidence of Viet-Cong.  Any attempt to break out of the village cordon or the villager cordon was met with lethal force.
SAD - Search And Destroy / "Zipper Missions" - offensive operations designed to find and destroy enemy forces rather than establish permanent government control.
SAC - Search And Clear - offensive military operations to sweep through areas to locate and attack the enemy
Black Ops...
The fewer individuals involved the easier the associated cover up and denial
Deep Black Ops...
Ideally, should involve one individual isolating/acquiring/taking out one target or a target and all associates when possible.  Ideally, other individuals participating in briefing, orientation, logistics, transportation, or training should not be aware of the actual operation and should not know the individual (one man army) successfully carrying out the op - achieving the intended end result.
Triple E, EEE - Engagement with Elusive Enemy.
ANT - Assault aNd Torching - torching Vietnam Hooches / Villages for punishment, exposing associated tunnel network etc.
Viet Cong prisoner taking, search, containment and interrogation.
Chemical Agent Warfare, including napalm, agent orange.
Gas Agent Warfare
Double E, E & E - Escape and Evasion.
Art (Artillery) coordination.
CAS (Close Air Support) coordination
Operation and handling of captured NVA/VietCong Weaponry and Ammunition - pistols/handguns, rifles (semi-automatic and automatic), machine guns, artillery and rockets.
Administering first aid.
Safely moving WIAs and KIAs to DustOff - Position dust made by medical heliocopter landing and taking off
LZs Landing Zones
Red LZs - Landing Zones for WIA and KIAs
Determination of and Reporting MIA status
American POWs...
Responsibilities of Americans as POWs - ONLY name, rank, serial number and date of birth PERIOD.
Enduring/surviving torture
Vietnam Jungle Climatology
Vietnam Delta Climatology
Survival, Evasion and Escape
Jungle Survival...
the most dense, more or less impenetrable regions within a tropical rainforest with an abundance of animal and plant life.
River Delta Survival...
A delta is a low, watery land formed at the mouth of a river. It is formed from the silt, sand and small rocks that flow downstream in the river and are deposited in the delta.  A delta is often (but not always) shaped like a triangle (hence its name, delta, a Greek letter that is shaped like a triangle).
NVA and VC Tunnel locating, searching, destroying...
"tunnel rat"
elephant grass
Fighting Holes "foxholes"
Scouting / Forward Observing
range finding
Continued night vision training...
with rifle mounted, night vision, StarLight and IR, hand held night vision monoculars and binoculars
Survival psychology
Basic survival equipment
Shelter site selection and construction
Fire making and maintenance in all conditions
Heat management and conservation
Signalling and rescue
Water acquisition and treatment
Edibles identification, acquisition, testing and preparation
Wild medicine
Navigation without aid
Reading funny books (military maps)
C's for military operations
Friendlies Determination - U.S. troops, allies, or anyone not on the other side.
Doubtfuls Determination - Vietnamese individuals who could not be categorized as either VietCong or civil offenders
Suspect personnel spotted from ground or aircraft
Hump Awareness - Awareness while slogging around on foot
Laying Chilly - lying motionless
Mad Minute LightUps - Firing on the enemy with concentrated fire of all weapons for a brief period of time at maximum rate.  Never an purely fear/or other emotional response.
LightUp tactics
Newbies, anyone with less time in Vietnam than the you.
Importance of bringing newbies up to snuff - may have to critically rely on a newbie within hours or days.
Detaining / Handling Irregulars - armed individuals and groups not members of the regular armed forces, White Mice (south Vietmanese police), or other internal security forces
Pucker Factor Assessment - accessing "fear factor", difficulty / risk determinations of an upcoming mission.
"rocking and rolling" - M16A1 on full automatic fire
Anticipating and Working with Shake N Bakes - officers straight out of OCS without any combat experience
Anticipating and Handling Skating Shorts.
Stand Downs
R&R - rest and recreation vacations taken during a one-year duty tour in Vietnam...
Out-of-country R & R - Bangkok, Hawaii, Tokyo, Australia, Hong Kong, Manila, Penang, Taipei, Kuala Lampur, or Singapore
In-country R & R at Vung Tau or China Beach

Fort Polk "Tigerland" Vietnam War Training

US trainees at Fort Polk undergoing Vietnam-oriented training, as they assault a simulated VC village.

US trainees at Fort Polk undergoing Vietnam-oriented training, as they search prisoners after taking a VC village.

Vietnam Deployment Training

Viet Nam vet, black soldier friend refused service at restaurant,
harrassed by police officer and kkk members

US Army Mess Hall waste of food.  Feeding the multitude in Leesville, Louisiana - 107 lbs of steak and 56 gals of milk from the mess hall.

1,500 man levy, from Fort Polk, for a tour of duty from Fort Polk to Vietnam.

Sandy, Michelle, Sharon and Jim, a service buddy were traveling through Deridder, Louisiana.  A local intoxicated driver drove through a red light and hit my VW bug on the driver's side door hinges.  Sandy was hospitalized at Fort Polk Army Hospital with broken ribs and lacerated face.  I was removed from the Viet Nam levy and placed on a 90 day stay to take care of Sandy including getting her to a plastic surgeon at John Sealy Hospital in Galveston, Texas.  Sandy's father loaned us his Plymouth Valient until an insurance settlement enabled us to purchase a new 1968 Chevrolet Camero.  Hocking Sharon's radio.

Living on $88.00 / mo. basic pay.


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