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Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2007 20:11:32 -0400
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Subject: Fwd: Dog Drop Notice for 4H98 - River
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This is the official response from Guide Dogs on River.  Silly girl was just to smart for her own good.  Boy, am I glad!  Now I have her back.


> Let us know if family is willing to have 'working' eval done for possible placement with another organization.
> thanks
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> DOG: 4H98 - River F\LAB\Yellow - TRN\REL  DOB:9/10/2005
> DISPOSITION: To be Determined
> RELEASED BY: O'Reilly, Peter
> RELEASED DATE: 4/17/2007
> SUMMARY: River is an animated, excitable dog who thrived on the challenges of training..  She is highly food motivated and was able to learn new concepts quickly with clicker training.  River is very smart and quickly learned "set ups" for food refusal and had brilliant responses.  She was also clever enough to realize when her handler was not paying close attention and would take these opportunities to dive for food.  She also has an affinity for dogs and needed above average corrections to refocus.  River interacted well and played appropriately with other dogs with bones present.  She was very affectionate with her primary handler.  River would do well in a home where she can have an outlet for her energy and would be a blast to enroll in agility classes.
> RELEASE REASON(S): 24301 - BEH: Controllability   Avoids control
> LOCATION (if applicable):