Renata, golden retriever, lived with us from Sept. 6, 2005 until Oct. 4, 2005, during the time she was "in season".  What a joy to share our home and time with Renata.  Renata is a soft, sweet, loving, calm, guide dog puppy with the best of manners.  She perfectly ignored all food distractions.  Renata waited patiently to be told "Ohh Kay" before she ate from her food bowl placed before her at each meal.  Renata's perfect short and long range recall execution is of great value.  Most impressive is attention she gives to handlers.  She is an eye contact dog and loves to do what you indicate you need her to do in exchange for small expressions of approval.

We now realize why Renata was a "kindred spirit".  Our golden retriever, Jill, and Renata are cousins.  Taro, Jill's father, is the grandfather of Renata and Remmington.  Taro also fathered Flirt, Renata's mother.

Renata is very responsive to the basic commands taught by her raisers Alexa and Lynn of Cave Creek, AZ.

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