Night Route

On our first night training route in San Rafael, CA, Eve stopped and showed me a tree growing in the middle of a sidewalk.  Patting the tree, and, inaudibly, thanking God I had not discovered it with my head or shoulders, I said, 'Gooood Girrrrl Eve'.  'I found it!'  'You know where the tree is - Gooood Girrrl.'

Promptly Eve showed me another tree, then another, and another.  Beth said, 'Robert you and Eve aren't making much progress, what's the problem, Eve showing you every tree in the world?'  'Yeesss'.  'Well, we taught you guys that you cannot praise your dog enough'.  'Guess I was wrong, at least in this case.'  'You praised Eve so lavishly, she's gonna spend the rest of her life showing you all the trees.'  'The next time Eve shows you a tree, act rather ho-hum, don't say her name and see what she does'.

Eve showed me another tree.  I said, rather blandly, 'Yep, a nuuther treee'.

From then on I did not have the tree problem.  Eve found other, more important, things she liked to be praised for like keeping us from getting run over in heavy vehicular traffic in San Francisco - little things like that.


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