Lil' Baer

Shepherd / Chow Mix

~ Oct. 15, 1998 - Dec. 05, 2011

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Around 9pm in December 1998, Sandy, Robert, and Robert's guide dog Eve, returned into our driveway in our saddle tan Ford van, E-150.  Our residence was 564 N Drew West Street in Mesa, Arizona.  Before the van had even came to a complete stop, from the north side of the driveway a ~ 6 weeks old fuzzy puppy stray ran underneath.  Sandy quickly turned off the ignition switch so the puppy would not jump up into the fan blade.  Robert jumped out and coaxed her out.  He said, 'It's a lab!  Sandy said, 'Robert, it's not a lab but she is so cute!'

We adopted this 'cuter than cute' puppy.

Wendy took this pic of Lil Baer

Our grandchildren fell in love with this feisty puppy.  We allowed them to keep Lil Baer on 'non school days' when someone was with her during the day.  We kept Lil Baer when they were in school.

 Later, our grandchildren adopted Lil' Baer.

One of Baer's fun games was to run up under their beds and hide.  Then she would playfully growl and attack the arms and hands of anyone attempting to retrieve her.  Another game Lil Baer loved is to chase the light of a laser pointer.

Baer loved to pull branches down low enough to eat fruit, even grapefruit.

Whole Herd

With Lil Baer's return to stardust,
only Robert's guide dog, Lane, 14 years old
Jill, career changed guide dog, 12 years old,
are alive as of

Lil Baer's First Vet Visit


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