Guide Dogs for the Blind
San Rafael, California
Class of 594

Don't mess with Doc's guide dog
Tombstone, Arizona
November 2001

Doc enjoys shots of tequila
Lanie boy waits for the worm
Tombstone, Arizona
 November 2001

Robert, Lane, Bagel
in van

Asleep On Sofa

Christmas Day
564 N Drew West Street
Mesa, Arizona
Wendy Lynn Thomas
Journal, Jill, Lane, Bagel and Eve

Beggin for Wendy's Popcorn


Distraction Training

Lane & Bagel

Whole Herd

Lane & Robert
Lost Wages, Nevada

Eve, Lane
Robert Marvin Thomas
Arizona Fun Day

Lane (6)
Men's fitting room
VF Factory Outlet
Mesa, Arizona

Robert, Lane & Eve
Pismo Beach, California

 Robert, guide dog Lane, Eve & Jill
Point Cabrillo Mendocino Lighthouse

Lane (10)
beside bath tub

14 year old active guide dog Lane

Eve licking Angus D. F. MacKinnon's Face
Hayden's Graduation
L-R Robert Marvin Thomas, Angus D. F. MacKinnon,
Rich Naegeli
L-R Lane, Eve, Hayden and Flagstaff
Hayden, puppy # 7 & Flagstaff, puppy # 8 for Thomas'

Lane's Father
Guiding Eyes for the Blind
Yorktown Heights,
New York

Lane's mother
Guide Dogs for the Blind
San Rafael, California

In April, 2012,
Lane will enter his 13th year of guiding Robert Thomas

Slideshow of Lane and Eve
Foundation for Blind Children
Phoenix, Arizona

"Eeeeve Forward!  La! La! La!"

15 year old active guide dog

In April, 2013,
Lane will enter his 14th year of guiding Robert

Deborah Poll Gordon
7 hrs

Muriel and Bounty hanging out together. Just call me the dog whisperer - NOT! It only lasted long enough to take the picture. But, hey, it's a start! And a LOT of work!
Muriel and Bounty hanging out together. Just call me the dog whisperer - NOT! It only lasted long enough to take the picture. But, hey, it's a start! And a LOT of work!
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    Robert Thomas I appreciate you hanging in there giving it your best shot. It gets easier with every guide dog puppy raised. My guide dogs were raised and trained by females. Lane insisted on taking me in the woman's room in the old dorm and the San Rafael downtown lounge. I knew better by then. Lane thought I was way off course. He had apparently never seen a man's junk. He thought he was being treated at a Central Park hotdog stand. Very scary! He had never seen a urinal. It took a while for a protective steady stream. When it came Lane ramed his head between my legs and looked up. I could not stop peeing in his handsome face. I dried him off and found a hose watering plants and gave him his first pseudo bath outside the lounge. Before I could dry him off completely it was our time to do 'e' street. The instructor said it's not raining, Lane is wet! I replied, pleased don't ask. But, I had to give a full accounting. Of course, that was shared widely. When I arrived back at the dorm they were searching high and low for Lane and I. I got chewed out for going down town for dinner. I took it like a real man but I had shampooed Lane in a bath tub in the dorm monitor's bath room. I came prepared like the Boy Scout I was. Be prepared! You can share this widely if you choose! Wow, my first Lane story, oral or written, without crying since his death at almost 16 years of age. Ut oh, here comes the tears!
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    Jean Loney So I have been wanting a picture of Ronin and Rusty together. Looks like you have the manic touch. When should we send them over!?!
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    Jean Loney Magic not manic!
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    Robert Thomas I need Petra at this moment! She makes things more better. I need her for my third guide.
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    Deborah Poll Gordon Robert - thanks for the memories! And I will have to make sure that our male raisers take all the dogs into the restroom to do the urinal.
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    Robert Thomas Please email me this story so I can move it to Lane's web page.
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    Deborah Poll Gordon Oh Jean, I would like to try but I don't know if I would dare!
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    Robert Thomas Please do! What about Petra? Can you send this to GDB training. Keith Thompson and/or Todd Jurek will do it. Please cc me. It's your story. Do with what you please.
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    Robert Thomas You would not recognize me right now. Work out at fitness works daily to prepare myself for 'power woman'. Petra.
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    Robert Thomas
    Rusty - Rhodesian Ridgeback
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    Robert Thomas
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