Chilli Jilly

Home Environment...
Lushly vegetated and fenced 1/2 acre+ irrigated lot.  Swimming pool is separately fenced.  Tangerines, oranges, lemons, sour oranges and pink grapefruit in winter.  Passion fruit, strawberries, peaches, apples, nectarines, apricots, figs, almonds, pecans, grapes, and plums in spring / summer.  Back yard is the length of a official football field -- Jill loves to explore it all.  She prefers to not have her "scouting around" be interrupted but she will come when you call her in a high pitched, excited voice --  "Chilli Jiii leee!"

Oueen Eve – buttermilk white YLF retired guide,  King Lane – YLM working guide, Journal – YLF career change, Lil Baer – shepherd / chow mix rescue, muscle man Rusty – Rhodesian Ridgeback rescue, and five grandchildren.

Favorite toys...
NylaBone, and kong.   Jill never chewed her leather leash or anything else she wasn't supposed to chew.  Jill loved to walk around with one of Robert's socks in her mouth.  She never chewed or streached the sock - just carried it around because she knew we thought that was cute.

Bedtime Routine...
Final leash relieve.  Jill slept in her porta-kennel at the foot of our bed.  When we came to bed about an hour later, Jill loved for us to sit on the floor in front of her kennel door.  She would come out and cozy in our lap for a little good night loving.  Then, when we told her good night, she returned to her kennel and slept well through the night.

1 cup of pre moistened IAMS chunks twice daily.  Lots of water.

Smart, soft, sweet, small, very beautiful and obedient.  She is, generally putty in the hands of her handler unless a bird, cat or bouncing ball appeared on the scene then we put her into her gentle leader.  When she detects I am busying about, getting ready to go, Jill stands quietly and patiently but alertly, waiting to go.  Jill traveled to work with me every day in our Ford van.  When I opened the side door to take her out, she patiently waited until I leashed her.  She never tried to bolt out.  She always patiently stood and waited for me to take her leash and say, “OK”.

Jill is a low - medium maintenance girl, never a problem at work -- even in hours long meetings.  She was perfect at home, restaurants, church, movies and while traveling.  Very loving and patient.  The public was acutely aware of her presence.  Everywhere we went, Jill received compliments on her beauty, calmness, size and perfect behavior.  We often went out to eat.  Jill was so good we almost forgot she was with us.

Cute Behaviors...
This majestic little lady is so elegant.  In my office, she slept peacefully most of the time.   Jill loved to empty the nylabone bucket so all the dogs could have a chew with her.  Jill loves to lean against you when you are sitting.  She is as loving as it gets.  Jill will bury her sweet little face in your lap.  She did not care for swimming in the pool but she loves baths so much that she would, unexpectedly, jump into the bathtub with you.  She is very affectionate.  Her cutest behavior was her rah, rah rahs -- cheer leading routines.

The Most Wonderful Thing My Puppy Ever Did Was...
Everything Jill did was wonderful.  She was an instant learner.  Was no task to teach her all  commands.  She brought much joy to our family, our church and my co-workers.

Jill is very deserving of "the good life" -- guiding a, GDfB trained, blind person.  We will be very relieved when Jill is assigned to a responsible blind handler that loves her as much as we do.


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