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Hello Bagel


Home Environment...

Lushly vegetated 1/2 acre+, fenced, swimming pool - separately fenced, irrigated lot with many trees, bushes, vines and flowers.  We enjoyed tangerines, oranges, sour oranges and pink grapefruit in winter; passion fruit, lo quats, early and late peaches, apples, nectarine, apricots, figs, almonds, pecans, grapes, and plums in spring / summer.  The west, rear, gardens were the length of a football field.  Bagel loved to explore it all.  She came to abrupt stops, sniffed for less than eight seconds, then bolted off in another direction, ad infinitum.  Most of all she loves her handlers so when you call 'Baaay  guuull?'  'Where are you?'  'Bagel, C O M E!',  you could always count on her promptly and wigglely showing up at your feet.


Eve, Yellow Lab Female, semi-retired guide;  Lane, YLM working guide; Journal, YLF career change guide dog; Jill, Golden Retriever career change guide; Lil Baer shepherd / chow mix; Rusty, Rhodesian Ridgeback and four well behaved grand children.

The Whole Herd


Lane And Bagel 2002

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Bedtime Routine...

Final leash relieve on patio paving stones - installed just for Bagel.  Bagel slept in a porta-kennel at the foot of our bed.  When we came to bed about an hour later, I would sit on the floor, and open her porta-kennel door.  Bagel would come out and cozy in my lap for a little good night loving.  Then, I would say 'good night sweetheart'; 'Baay guull, Kenn oll' and she would return to her kennel and cozy back down for the night.  In the morning, if we tried to sleep in, Bagel would start out with a soft, low, bitter complaint then get slowly louder to make us all shake, rattle and roll.  Upon arising, Bagel is very hungry girl!


1 1/4 C. of Science Diet, Large Breed Puppy Chunks twice daily.


Soft, sweet, smart, playful, confident and very obedient.  She desires to please her handler.  Sometimes I think, when I say, 'Baaay gull, Sss itt!', her little fanny hits the floor before my vocal cords stop vibrating.


Bagel traveled in a conversion Ford van to work with me every day.  When she became large enough to enter and exit the van all by herself, (leashed of course) I opened the side door, and told her 'waaa it!'.  Thereafter, she always patiently stood and waited for me to take her leash and say, 'Ohh Kay!'.  She never jumped out without an 'Ohh K!'.

Robert, Lane and Bagel in Van

Taken at Saquaro Lake in 2002
While Jim and Vickie Kennedy and Vickie's guide dog Freida (now deceased)
were visiting us in Mesa, Arizona

Bagel is a low maintenance girl.  She was perfect at work, home, restaurants, shopping mall, grocery store, waiting in check-out lines, church, movies and while traveling.  Very loving, focused and patient.  She is strong and healthy.

In Sandy's Office
Information Systems
Mesa Unified Public School District
Mesa, Arizona

Cute Behaviors...

Bagel trots around like a very proud Clydesdale, attracting lots of attention from the public.
Elegantly tomboyish, Bagel would lay with her body twisted / contorted in her very own characteristic patterns rather than froggin out.  In the office, at work, she slept peacefully most of the time or chewed her nylas, and Kongies.  Keeping her in rubber rings would have been a financial disaster and unhealthful since her first rubber ring lasted for less than an hour.    Just before time to leave work, Bagel would stand and place her chin on my chair seat, after bumping me lightly with her face, telling me it is time to go home and eat.  When preoccupied with a task, I would glance at her and continue working.  She would voice a soft objection and disappointedly flop herself back onto the floor or gently cat sock me occasionally.  Bagel teased the other dogs with her scratchy nylabone.  She would rub it all over their faces so, when she was younger, the older dogs would mostly avoid her.  When she attracted their interest, she would run with her toy expecting them to chase her.  She was the smallest yet the biggest tease.  She loved to curl up on articles of your clothing or on your feet when you sat down.  She drinks most of her water but, usually, saves a little to make as big a mess as possible.  She is very affectionate but perfers one to give her a little breathing space.  She likes to be the one to love on you.

The Most Wonderful Thing My Puppy Ever Did Was...

Everything she did was wonderful.  She was an instant learner.  It was no task to speak of teaching her all of the guide dog puppy commands.  She is excellent on short and long recalls.  She made her handlers look like pros.  Bagel is an expert at pleasing her human partners.  She brought a lot of joy to our family and my co-workers.  Bagel will be missed immeasurably.

Bagel @ 8 1/2 wks - 17 lbs






Just Another Pretty Face
at Tortilla Flats, Arizona


First Birthday Party


Labby Welfare line










Goodbye, Bagel

Bagel about to be boarded on
'the Puppy Truck'
to returned for formal training

Destination: Junior High Camp -
another new, exciting phase of her life...

Guide Dogs for the Blind, Inc
San Rafael, California

for formal training.

the most exciting phase of her life...
training with and assignment to
Bagel's soulmate,
a person with little or no sight.

Jessica Constantino and Bagel At Graduation


Bagel attended Stanford University then returned to Bakersfield, California with Jessica.

While sleeping,
on friday night, January 31, 2013,
in Bakersfield, California...

Bagel passed away.

Bagel was 12 years old.


Faithful Companions

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Bagel Fan Mail

Bagel's Buddy

If you're on the 'wrong' side of the law,
'America's toughest sheriff'

Maricopa County Sheriff

Joe Arpaio

Sheriff Joe's Tent City Jail

'An experience you will always remember'


Air conditioning, if you own your own fan
and power cord.
Electrical power is FREE
Just plug into one of four extension cord receptacles
with three other inmates

Pink underwear FREE
issue with prison uniform


Green balony with canned string beans (heated)

Green hotdogs on national holidays

All food is FREE
for the inmates.
Paid for by taxpayers
at about 15 - 25 cents per meal

No food coloring additives



Robert M. Thomas
Academic Professional Faculty Emeritus
Emeritus College
Arizona State University
Tempe, Arizona

Improving lives of people with little or no sight!