Black LGX
(Labrador Retriever/Golden Retriever Cross)
Female intact
DOB 2005_12_07

Acey's father

Sire - Thompson
Black Labrador Retriever (BLM) Male
DOB 1998_10_25
AKC# SN612211/01  Sprig/Julianne

Acey's mother

Dam - Chita
Golden Retriever (GRF) Female
DOB May 25, 2003
AKC# SR127461/09  Lamont/Natalie

 Eight Litter Mates...

Adrian - 4J19 - Black LGX Male
Xxxxxxs - Sacamento, CA
Guide dog in Canada

Alcatraz - 4J20 - Black LGX Male
Xxxxxxs - Xxxxxx, XX
Guide dog in Utah

Alec - 4J21 - Brindle LGX Male
Xxxxxxs - Xxxxxx, XX
Phase 10 - graduated?
Where is he?

Ashton - 4J22 - Black LGX Male
Torkenson, Fountain Hills, AZ
Career Changed
Where is he?

Atari - 4J23 - Black LGX Male
Nunn, Cave Creek, AZ
Where is he?

Aislin - 4J24 - Black LGX Female
Robert and Sandra Thomas, Gilbert, AZ
Career Changed
Adopted by Bob and Debbi Pangrazi
Tempe, AZ

Alandra - 4J25 - Black LGX Female
Cupp, Flagstaff, AZ
Career Changed
Where is she?

Amity - 4J26 - Black LGX Female
Xxxxxxs - Xxxxxx, XX
Career Changed
Where is she?

Aveda - 4J27 - Yellow LGX Female
VanPatter, Phoenix, AZ
Guide dog in California

Acey's first day with puppy raisers


Acey's Second Day with Puppy Raisers

2734 2735 2737 2738 2739 2740 2741
 2742 2743 2744 2745 2747 2750 2751

Aaace linnn where are you?

2892 2895 2897



Aislin with brother, Adrian, at GDB gradation of Gillis and Eureka

Acey at Cambria Shores Inn

Acey finds her spot

Acey upgrades her accommodations

Acey upgrades her upgrade

Aislin Thomas comes home to Bob, Debbie and Flaggy

Robert M. Thomas
Faculty Emeritus
Arizona State University
Emeritus College

Improving lives of people with little or no sight